Company Culture

Company Culture

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Company CultureEnterprise Spirit: integrity, professionalism, innovation, harmony
Corporate Philosophy: Trinity of character, enterprise and product
Talent View: Discover talents, reuse talents, cultivate talents, and build learning teams
Market View: Optimize brand portfolio and product structure, improve product quality, and enhance after-sales service
Work policy: proactive and responsible; serious and professional, pursuit of excellence
Production philosophy: high quality raw materials, standardized management, technological innovation, technological innovation, striving for first-class
Quality policy: Strict control to prevent a substandard product from entering the market
Brand Concept: Quality, Service, Sharing
Cultural characteristics: Heiner rivers, stability and harmony

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The company's "Lotus" brand trademark is a well-known trademark in Hubei Province. Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes and electrical aluminum busbars were earlier awarded the title of high-quality products in Hubei Province. product











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