What are the uses and specifications of aluminum profiles?

Aluminum profiles can be divided into: 1. Aluminum doors and windows for the construction of doors and windows; 2. Special radiator aluminum profiles for CPU radiators; 3. Aluminum alloy shelves.

China's aluminum profile industry and global development status and trends

Aluminium is the main metal material. From the production of luxury goods to the common metal used in millions of households, there are many types of aluminum products, a wide range of applications,

2012-2017 China Aluminum Tube Processing Industry Survey Analysis and Market Forecast Report

This report is based on a large amount of information published and provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Development Research Center of the State Council, the China Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center, and relevant domestic and foreign publications.
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The company's "Lotus" brand trademark is a well-known trademark in Hubei Province. Aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes and electrical aluminum busbars were earlier awarded the title of high-quality products in Hubei Province. product











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